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We need to talk about the Porcini

We need to talk about the Porcini

chocolate naive porcini


They mocked me when I said I was planning to stock a mushroom chocolate. They said I was a fool, that nobody would buy it. And so far they are right!

But I will persist because I think this chocolate is a thing of beauty. The porcini blends perfectly with the nutty, earthy Tanzanian cacao, and the subtle use of milk gives it a silky smooth finish. There's a reason they awarded this chocolate a gold medal at last year's International Chocolate Awards.

Obviously this isn't something that will appeal to the majority, but for the more adventurous chocolate connoisseur this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting chocolate experiences you will find.

For those who are intrigued, I will have samples of this chocolate available at the markets for the next couple of weeks. Come and see for yourself!

chocolate naive porcini

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