Guest Chocolate Maker

Guest Chocolate Maker

One of the hardest things about running this business is deciding which chocolates to stock. There are so many incredible bean-to-bar producers in the world and we have a strong desire to stock (and taste) all of them. It's a real nightmare.

To help with this conundrum, we've decided to have a rotating guest chocolate maker, which we will be stocking in very limited amounts and replacing on a regular basis. Be sure to snap them up whilst they're available!

ritual chocolate

We're very excited to announce that our first guest chocolate maker is Ritual Chocolate.

Ritual Chocolate was founded by Robbie Stout and Anna Davies in 2010, and over the past six years they have established themselves as one of the finest bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the U.S.

Based in Park City, Utah - at an altitude of 7000ft - Ritual use the highest quality cacao beans available to craft beautiful chocolate that perfectly showcases the intricacies of each bean variety. They mix traditional European methods with modern American style, ensuring a unique and balanced flavour with a wonderful depth of palette that just keeps on giving.

The three bars we are stocking all use Nacional cacao beans from the Camino Verde plantation in Balao, Ecuador. Camino Verde are producing some of the finest (and most delicious) cacao in the world right now so we couldn’t resist stocking three different chocolates that all bring the best out these beans in different ways.

Check out these bars in the shop now!

ritual chocolate

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