The Pitch Dark is here

The Pitch Dark is here

Pitch Dark bean to bar chocolate

Yesterday the Pitch Dark arrived. The postman handed it to me as if it was just another parcel. Little did he know that it contained some of the finest chocolate in the world.

Brian Flick, owner/operator of Pitch Dark, is a bit of a legend of the bean-to-bar chocolate scene; a maverick, if you will. Part artist, part scientist, he’s been obsessed with chocolate since a very young age and started making his first bars at age fourteen. At twenty-one he took some time out and lived on a cacao plantation in Fiji, learning everything about the plants and understanding the whole chocolate process from start to finish. Now he trades directly with that same plantation, paying way above market prices.

Brian has an inherent knack of bringing out the intricate notes of rare types of cacao. He exposes the terroir like a master winemaker, and tasting Pitch Dark’s chocolate is very much like tasting a fine wine. The palate is long and develops over time, offering more and more flavours that swirl subtly in your mouth. You have to experience it to truly understand.

This is the finest chocolate we stock. A little pricey, I’ll admit, but this is the absolute Rolls Royce of bean-to-bar chocolate. The champagne to be popped on a special occasion or the special crockery that you only use for guests. It’s something to be remembered.


Check out the Pitch Dark products in our shop.

The Rugoso is potentially my all time favourite chocolate.

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