Chocolate, cinnamon and orange dates.

Chocolate, cinnamon and orange dates.

chocolate cinnamon orange dates

Looking for a way to get more chocolate involved with your Christmas Day? Here's a really simple recipe for some delightful treats...

What you'll need...

1 pack of organic Medjool dates (around 12 dates)

1 Taza Mexicano Cinnamon Disc

1 Orange

Handful of chopped hazelnuts (or whatever nuts you've got in the house)

chocolate orange cinnamon dates


Step 1 - break up the chocolate into segments and place in a glass jug or bowl. Place this in a pan of boiling water and wait for the chocolate to melt.

Step 2 - zest your orange and add the zest to the melty chocolate goodness. Now stir.

Step 3 - slit the dates down one side and remove the pip. Spoon in a little of the chocolate mixture and close the date up again. 

Step 4 - leave the dates in the fridge to cool for about twenty minutes. Arrange on a plate to serve and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts.

Step 5 - EAT! YUM!


Such an easy recipe, which is handy if you're attempting to cook an epic Christmas lunch. I used the Cinnamon Taza but I think this would also be great with the Coffee or Salted Almond.



taza bean to bar chocolate

taza bean to bar chocolate

chocolate orange cinnamon dates

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