PNG Chocolate Fundraiser

PNG Chocolate Fundraiser

PNG chocolate


To celebrate the launch of Wellington Chocolate Factory’s new limited release Bougainville Bar, we’ve decided to put together a special pack of chocolate made with beans from Papua New Guinea.

The PNG Fundraiser Pack contains three incredible bean-to-bar chocolates:

1 x Wellington Chocolate Factory - Bougainville Bar

1 x OCHO - Revolution 70%

1 x Bahen & Co - Papua New Guinea 70%

All of these chocolate bars are made with 70% PNG cacao, yet their flavours are very diverse.

The pack costs $35, of which $10 will be donated to Roar4PNG - a small, grassroots NGO based in the East New Britain Province (a cacao growing region), who are dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and have recently set up a safe house.

Rates of family and sexual violence in PNG are amongst the highest in the world, with an estimated 70% of women experiencing rape or assault in their lifetime (in certain provinces that percentage is much higher.)

The funds raised from these packs will go towards helping these current projects:

1. Comfort packs for survivors of violence including female pads for rape victims, soap, clothes, basic food, tooth brush and toothpaste, hair brush, information about services, emergency numbers, etc. Roar4 want to hand these out to all survivors that come to the safe house.

2. Transport for survivors to a safe location. Often survivors arrive with nothing and need to travel back to their village (via boat or bus) to get away from perpetrators. There are often requests for transport home from victims but there is a lack of transport funds.

3. Mosquito nets for new mums and babies to reduce deaths from malaria. This project focuses on remote locations and islands.

4. GBV (Gender Based Violence) film nights being rolled out to raise awareness about domestic violence. Roar4 have a few short films about GBV and want to show them in a number of areas to get the conversation started about reducing GBV. 


It would be fantastic if you could help us to raise funds for these projects. As well as getting to taste some phenomenal bean-to-bar chocolate, you’ll be doing some good in the world.

Check out the pack in our shop.


The Chocolate Bar


Papua New Guinea fundraiser 1

Papua New Guinea fundraiser 2

PNG cacao bean

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