Welcoming Chocolate Naive...

Welcoming Chocolate Naive...

Chocolate Naive range

Ridiculously excited to introduce a new member of The Chocolate Bar family...

I've been talking to Chocolate Naive since before this business began and I'm so happy to finally have them over here. They make incredible, organic bean-to-bar chocolate in a small town in Lithuania. When I saw their branding I instantly fell in love, and they taste even better than they look!

Naive are the most heavily awarded chocolate makers that we now stock, picking up regular prizes from the International Chocolate Awards, Academy of Chocolate Awards and various other competitions.

We're stocking the Honey, Hops and Porcini bars. The Porcini won a gold at last year's International Chocolate Awards and it's the most unique chocolate I've ever tasted. Interested to see how people feel about this one - I absolutely love it but Emily was not so keen!

Check out the full range here.


Chocolate Naive bar

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