Hazelnut and Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Hazelnut and Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

The humble chocolate chip cookie can be taking to dizzying new heights when you introduce single origin craft chocolate. This simple and delicious recipe was created for us by Grainne Kerr, a talented local pastry chef and chocolatier who currently works at both Baron Hasselhoff's and Grace Patisserie. This recipe uses the Chocolat Madagascar 65% bar (featured in the month's subscription boxes), but you can play around with different chocolate and find what works best for you. Enjoy!


300g plain flour
4g Bicarbonate soda
3g salt
4g baking powder
170g unsalted butter
190g brown sugar
130g castor sugar
1 egg
200g chopped hazelnuts
230g chocolate


1. Cream butter and sugars together until the mix has softened and slightly lightened.

2. Add egg to butter mix and combine.

3. Add dry ingredients, nuts and chocolate to the mixture and mix well to fully incorporate.

4. Weigh out dough to 45-50g balls. You should get roughly 24 portions.

5. Cook by placing dough on a lined baking tray, keeping dough about 6cm apart from one another to allow for spreading. Cook at 170°C for 10mins. Slightly less if you prefer a chewy cookie, or longer if you like a crunchy one (like me).

Pro tip: if your cookies need a little help to spread during cooking, you can press down on them with a flat bottom cup or small plate.

hazelnut chocolate chip cookies

Thanks so much to Grainne Kerr for creating this amazing recipe for us!

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