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Cold Brew Cacao

Cold Brew Cacao

Last year we discovered the wonders of cold brew cacao - a delicious, healthy and refreshing way to enjoy our favourite bean.

cold brew cacao

Ingredients: 1 litre of water (in a jug), 40g cacao nibs

Making a batch of cold brew could not be easier. Firstly, you need to roughly crush the cacao nibs with a pestle a mortar - you don’t need to spend too long on this, it’s just to break them up a little and increase the surface area. Then you simply add the nibs to your jug of water, stir, cover with shrink wrap, and leave at room temperature for 24 hours (stirring a few times in this period.) After this, sieve your concoction into another container and store in the fridge. That’s it!

You could use any type of cacao nibs for this but we strongly recommend using Hogarth’s - they’re organic Peruvian Criollo nibs and about ten times the quality of any other nibs on the market in New Zealand.

cold brew cacao

Cold brew cacao can be served as it is, or if you like you could add a little coconut sugar to make it sweeter. We like to add about half a teaspoon of sugar per glass as this takes the edge off the bitterness and allows the other flavour notes in the cacao to shine.

Oh, and for a delicious and easy cocktail, try serving it with a squeeze of fresh lime and a dash of dark rum. The perfect summer drink!

cold brew cacao

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