Introducing... MAP CHOCOLATE

Introducing... MAP CHOCOLATE

map chocolate

We’re incredibly excited to introduce Map Chocolate as our new guest range.

Map Chocolate is the creation of Mackenzie Rivers, a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. The thing is, to describe Mackenzie as a chocolate maker doesn’t seem quite sufficient - she’s really an artist that happens to use cacao beans as her medium. Every bar is an adventure, filled with poetry and personality and a sense of place. A complete experience that will change your perception of what can be achieved with a chocolate bar.

Needless to say, the chocolate tastes as good as it looks, and we’re honoured to welcome Mackenzie to our chocolate family. We only have a small amount of each of the four bars we’re stocking, so be sure to get involved before it’s too late.


‘Cacao carries an amazing story of cultivation, travel, wild places, the people who’ve shared its journey, birds landing amongst its leaves, rain falling, farmers tending it and mouths tasting it; it has a story to tell, and the language it speaks is chocolate.’

~ Mackenzie Rivers, owner and chocolate maker at Map Chocolate Co.


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