NZ Chocolate Awards 2020

NZ Chocolate Awards 2020

The results are in for the NZ Chocolate Awards 2020 and New Zealand's bean-to-bar chocolate makers have taken home a record number of medals. Foundry Chocolate did particularly well, taking home seven gold medals, five silvers and the overall Supreme Award for their Anamalai, India 70%. It was great to see the Supreme Award go to a straight single origin bar for the first time.

foundry chocolate supreme winner

There were also gold medals for Hogarth Chocolate, Miann, Shirl + Moss and Wellington Chocolate Factory. It's so great to see the high standard of New Zealand's craft chocolate getting recognised.

To celebrate this, we've put together a special NZ Chocolate Awards Gift Box, featuring four of the gold medal winners, including the Supreme Winner. 

nz chocolate awards gift box

You can see the full list of results here, but below I've listed all of the bean-to-bar winners. As you may already be aware, we choose to focus on the bean-to-bar craft chocolate industry.

nz chocolate awards

Bean-to-Bar - Chocolate Bar Plain




Foundry Chocolate Anamalai Estate, India 70% (Supreme Winner)
Foundry Chocolate Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 100%
Foundry Chocolate Kulkul, Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea 70%
Foundry Chocolate Kulkul, Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea 90%
Foundry Chocolate Ucayali River, Peru 70%
Foundry Chocolate Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico 70%
Foundry Chocolate Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 70%
Hogarth Chocolate Porcelana
Shirl & Moss Single Estate 70% Dark Chocolate Bar - Fazenda Camboa / Brazil

Wellington Chocolate Factory Peru Chocolate Bar




Foundry Chocolate Tumaco, Colombia 100%

Foundry Chocolate Tumaco, Colombia 70%

Foundry Chocolate Ucayali River, Peru 90%

Foundry Chocolate Masidau Farm, Vanuatu 70%

Hogarth Chocolate Guatemala Single Origin 64%




Miann Chocolate Factory Chiapas, Mexico 70% Chocolate Bar

Miann Chocolate Maya Mountain, Belize 70% Chocolate Bar

Miann Chocolate Factory India, Anamalai 70% Chocolate
She Universe Solomon Cathliro 5 Village Blend

Bean-to Bar - Chocolate bar with flavours and/or inclusions




Hogarth Chocolate Maple & Walnut (Joint category winner)
Shirl & Moss Hazelnut Orange & Sea Salt 52%
Wellington Chocolate Factory Raspberry Milk Chocolate Bar 
(Joint category winner)




Hogarth Chocolate Espresso Coffee

Miann Chocolate Factory Dulce De Leche Gingerbread Bar

Shirl & Moss Stoneground Espresso 67% Dark Chocolate Bar - Fazenda Camboa

Wellington Chocolate Factory Star Anise Milk Chocolate




Baron Hasselhoff's Frida's Almond Mole Bar
Hogarth Chocolate Kumara - Milk Chocolate
Shirl & Moss Fig & Nib 70% Dark Chocolate - Fazenda Camboa / Brazil


There was also a gold medal for Miann's Half Dozen Chocolate Eggs, a silver for OCHO's Hot Cross Bun Bar and a silver medal for Foundry Chocolate's Vanuatu 70% Drinking Chocolate.

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