• Chocolate, cinnamon and orange dates.

    Chocolate, cinnamon and orange dates.

    chocolate cinnamon orange dates

    Looking for a way to get more chocolate involved with your Christmas Day? Here's a really simple recipe for some delightful treats...

    What you'll need...

    1 pack of organic Medjool dates (around 12 dates)

    1 Taza Mexicano Cinnamon Disc

    1 Orange

    Handful of chopped hazelnuts (or whatever nuts you've got in the house)

    chocolate orange cinnamon dates


    Step 1 - break up the chocolate into segments and place in a glass jug or bowl. Place this in a pan of boiling water and wait for the chocolate to melt.

    Step 2 - zest your orange and add the zest to the melty chocolate goodness. Now stir.

    Step 3 - slit the dates down one side and remove the pip. Spoon in a little of the chocolate mixture and close the date up again. 

    Step 4 - leave the dates in the fridge to cool for about twenty minutes. Arrange on a plate to serve and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts.

    Step 5 - EAT! YUM!


    Such an easy recipe, which is handy if you're attempting to cook an epic Christmas lunch. I used the Cinnamon Taza but I think this would also be great with the Coffee or Salted Almond.



    taza bean to bar chocolate

    taza bean to bar chocolate

    chocolate orange cinnamon dates

  • Bean-to-bar Chocolate in the Dom Post!

    Bean-to-bar Chocolate in the Dom Post!

    We made it into the Dominion Post today! 

    Only a small thing in the listings but still really cool to see 'the bean-to-bar movement' printed in a mainstream newspaper. Hopefully there'll be much more of this to come.


    bean-to-bar chocolate in the Dominion Post

  • The Pitch Dark is here

    The Pitch Dark is here

    Pitch Dark bean to bar chocolate

    Yesterday the Pitch Dark arrived. The postman handed it to me as if it was just another parcel. Little did he know that it contained some of the finest chocolate in the world.

    Brian Flick, owner/operator of Pitch Dark, is a bit of a legend of the bean-to-bar chocolate scene; a maverick, if you will. Part artist, part scientist, he’s been obsessed with chocolate since a very young age and started making his first bars at age fourteen. At twenty-one he took some time out and lived on a cacao plantation in Fiji, learning everything about the plants and understanding the whole chocolate process from start to finish. Now he trades directly with that same plantation, paying way above market prices.

    Brian has an inherent knack of bringing out the intricate notes of rare types of cacao. He exposes the terroir like a master winemaker, and tasting Pitch Dark’s chocolate is very much like tasting a fine wine. The palate is long and develops over time, offering more and more flavours that swirl subtly in your mouth. You have to experience it to truly understand.

    This is the finest chocolate we stock. A little pricey, I’ll admit, but this is the absolute Rolls Royce of bean-to-bar chocolate. The champagne to be popped on a special occasion or the special crockery that you only use for guests. It’s something to be remembered.


    Check out the Pitch Dark products in our shop.

    The Rugoso is potentially my all time favourite chocolate.

  • What's going on?

    What's going on?

    Hi. This is our first blog post. I thought I'd write some kind of grand introduction but to be honest there's just too much to tell you!

    I'll try and be brief. Firstly, on Monday night I did this interview on RadioActive...

    Chocolate Bar Interview by Radioactive.Fm on Mixcloud



    Secondly, this week we've got a prize giveaway running with Concrete Playground. Check that out here.

    Lastly, tonight we've got our LAUNCH PARTY at the Rogue and Vagabond! Come down and have a little taste of our wares. We'll have the stall set up and my good friend Mr. T will be dropping some tunes on the decks. (Not the real Mr. T - please don't be disappointed).

    Thanks guys. We appreciate all your support.