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Elements Chocolate Vietnam 70%

Elements Chocolate

Elements Chocolate Vietnam 70%

Rich nuttiness with hints of plum & summer fruits. Smooth finish with no bitterness. A very satisfying dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate can really be polarising - some people love it and others claim to hate it. We suspect those that hate it have never tried something like this fruity 70% Dark from the jungles of Vietnam.

From the the first bite you will be surprised at the 'lightness' of this dark and with no bitter aftertaste or strong tannins that can often accompany dark chocolates, this is a dark chocolate even for the 'haters'!


Founded in 2020 by sisters Penny & Hayley, Elements Chocolate Co was begun as a way of rebuilding hope and a sense of control amidst a year of great change. They didn't want to do things by halves and decided they wanted to control every stage of the chocolate making process, and made the decision to become full bean to bar chocolate makers, one of only a handful in Western Australia where they're based.

Not happy with just being bean to bar, they really wanted a chocolate that also reflected their home country, so decided to combine high quality hand made chocolate with Australian Native bush foods and offer people flavours they've probably never tried before.


Cocoa Solids, Organic Cocoa Butter, Australian Cane Sugar

May contain traces of nut & soy

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