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Puchero Chocolate Butter 55%

Puchero Chocolate

Puchero Chocolate Butter 55%
  • Puchero Chocolate Butter 55%
  • Puchero Chocolate Butter 55%

Beautiful rich butter flavour abounds from this Butter 55% chocolate by Puchero, bean-to-bar chocolate makers and speciality coffee roasters from their extraordinary natural location; the countryside of Castilla y León, Spain.

This silky smooth Chocolate con Mantequilla (Butter Chocolate) contains cow butter from La Jarradilla, a dairy farm in Cantabria. The combination of fermented pasiega butter and Colombian cacao from the Arhuacos region results in a very creamy, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with marked acidity and a salted caramel finish.⁠

La Jarradilla is a family business that, apart from dedicating itself to cattle raising, produces high quality cheeses with their pasiegas cow’s milk. They also make butter in an artisan way, which goes through a fermentation process. For this process, milk ferments are added, developing part of the bacteriology present in the milk. In this bar you will find that classic artisan pasiega butter flavour.

70g / 2.4oz

Maker Puchero
Country Spain
Cacao Origin Colombia

Cacao Origin

Arhuacos, Colombia




cacao beans, organic cane sugar, pasiega cow butter (15%), milk powder, salt

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