Who are we?

The Chocolate Bar was founded in 2015 in order to import and sell high quality and ethically produced bean-to-bar fine chocolate to New Zealand.

These days the business is located residentially in the idyllic coastal setting of Pukerua Bay, just outside of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. 

The Chocolate Bar is New Zealand's premiere fine chocolate retailer and subscription service, and offers the largest collection of bean-to-bar fine chocolate in the Southern Hemisphere.

What's special about the chocolate we sell?

The Chocolate Bar offers a range of the world's finest chocolate. We source our chocolate from small-scale artisan producers around the world, all of whom are crafting their chocolate from scratch, from the bean, using rare and heirloom varietals of cacao. These fine flavour beans account for just 5% of the cacao grown around the world, and within that 5% there's a huge spectrum of flavours to be discovered - flavours you would never find in cheap industrial chocolate. Fine chocolate makers use less sugar and unnecessary filler ingredients, making cacao the star of the show. Once you've had fine chocolate, you can't go back!

Learn more about why we focus on bean-to-bar craft chocolate

Quality and Ethics 

We believe that quality and ethics go hand in hand. All of the chocolate makers we work with use ethically traded cacao and sugar, often forming direct trade relationships with small-scale specialty farmers. Our suppliers are paying well above the commodity and Fair-trade prices for their cacao - usually two or three times more than the current Fair-trade price. This price is reflective of the high quality beans they are buying. As the craft chocolate market grows, more and more farmers are looking to grow specialist cacao varietals, as it can lead to increased income and a much better quality of life.

Curating a new chocolate experience

We take chocolate curation seriously. From the range of bars we stock online to our monthly subscription boxes and gift boxes, a lot of care and consideration is put into creating an unforgettable chocolate experience for customers.

Over the years, we've featured hundreds of the world's best chocolate makers and sampled thousands of bars of chocolate (very hard work).

We love blowing people's minds with delicious and unforgettable chocolate, and the fact that we can make a positive impact on the world whilst doing so... Well, that just makes this whole project an absolute dream.