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This isn’t really about us. It’s about one guy. Hello! My name is Luke and I’m thrilled that you’re here because it means you’ve heard about The Chocolate Bar. This is my first business and I’m a little over-excited about it.

But what is it for? What does it do? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s about chocolate. Specifically bean-to-bar chocolate, which is pretty different from the chocolate we grew up with, and is taking the world by storm. I discovered it a few years ago through the Wellington Chocolate Factory and have been quite obsessed ever since. 

Bean-to-bar chocolate - or 'craft chocolate' - means chocolate that is handcrafted in one place, all the way from the cacao beans to the finished product. It is generally produced in small batches by people who are extremely passionate about creating things that are beautiful and unique. Take a look at the long and labour intensive process here

Something you’ll notice about craft chocolate is that it’s not as sweet as the confectionery we grew up with, and that a lot of it doesn’t contain dairy. Instead of masking the flavour of the beans with excessive sugar and milk, the beans become the central focus and their many different flavours are celebrated. What a world of joy! There are cacao beans that taste like cherries, mango, citrus, herbs, spices or nuts. Even beans that taste like tobacco or flowers. Who knew?! 

It’s just like the different types of grapes that make wine or the different types of hops and malts in beer. Most of us have only ever been exposed to one type of ‘chocolate’ taste, yet there is a whole world out there to explore. That’s why I’ve started The Chocolate Bar – to bring some more of these flavours to New Zealand and to help promote what is being made here. 

Initially we will be selling through the online store and market stalls, as well as organising special events and talks around Wellington. In the future, who knows where this could lead?

I hope that you will join me on this journey. There’s so much chocolate out there waiting to be experienced and I think we’ll have an excellent time discovering it together.


Thanks for your support,

Luke Owen Smith

Owner/Operator of The Chocolate Bar







PO Box 28102 | Kelburn | Wellington 6150




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