Chocolate Naive

chocolate naive

For Domantus Uzpalis, chocolate making is more than just a career; it is a method of existence. It has been with him through the good times and the bad – a constant companion and a tonic to heal all wounds.

Tucked away in a small town in Lithuania, Chocolate Naive has quietly and fastidiously built up a reputation for being one of the finest bean-to-bar chocolate producers in the world. Their multi-award winning bars are made with organic, single origin cacao and a range of locally sourced ingredients. The bees that make their honey live on the same farm as the cows that produce the milk for their caramel.

Chocolate Naive are passionate about the slow food movement, sustainability and direct trade. Their products and ethos are a wonderful blending of the modern with the traditional.   

Here's a short video that shows Chocolate Naive's process... 


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