Hogarth Craft Chocolate

hogarth craft chocolate

The most recent addition to New Zealand’s craft chocolate scene, Karl and Marina Hogarth have been perfecting their art down in Nelson for the past few years, and launched nationally in December 2015.

Hogarth Craft Chocolate has already built up a reputation for making exceptional chocolate, as they source some of the finest quality cacao beans from around the world and treat them with extreme care and precision. From the sorting to the roasting to the conching, every step of their chocolate making process has been turned into a fine art, ensuring that they produce some of the highest quality chocolate in New Zealand.

Currently Hogarth's offer five single origin bars, each made with just three ingredients – cacao, pure cane sugar and pure cocoa butter. Whilst the ingredients are kept simple, the flavour profiles are beautifully complex and develop in your mouth like a fine wine.

Be sure to have a read of our interview with Karl Hogarth.


hogarth craft chocolate


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