Original Beans

original beans artisan chocolate

Original Beans is one of the most ethically sound chocolate companies in the world. Their dedication to producing world-class chocolate is equalled by their passion for sustainability and preservation, resulting in a chocolate that can be enjoyed completely guilt-free.

Since 2008, the team at Original Beans have been exploring the world’s most remote rainforests in search of the rarest and finest cacao. Their One Bar : One Tree motto is just one example of the environmental work they do - for every bar you buy, a tree is planted, and you can track this tree with a code found on the back of each packet. To date, Original Beans have planted over 3,000,000 trees. On top of this, they use energy efficient production methods and their packaging is 100% bio-compostable, resulting in a chocolate bar that is CO2 positive within it’s own supply chain.

Aside from this positive impact on the planet, their chocolate is some of the finest tasting in the world and used by many internationally renowned chefs. Each cacao origin is full of wild and unique flavours, and the bars have that beautiful, creamy texture that the Swiss are so famous for. The Cru Virunga is a personal favourite of ours, with deep notes of morello cherry and black tea. Oh, and in making that chocolate bar Original Beans are helping to protect the world’s last wild mountain gorillas. Of course.

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