The Smooth Chocolator

the smooth chocolator

The mastermind behind The Smooth Chocolator is Yoon Kim, a chef, chocolatier and fashion designer who fell in love with the chocolate making process. Despite having only started learning about producing chocolate from the bean in early 2015, Yoon has already gained a huge reputation on the international bean-to-bar scene, cemented by her three awards from the International Chocolate Awards in early 2016 (one of the first Australian chocolate makers to win these awards.)

When we first tasted Yoon’s chocolate we were blown away by the quality of the bars. Every sample we tried had such beautiful intricacies of flavour, along with a perfectly smooth texture (the name is fitting!) and a long lasting palate. Yoon seems to have an uncanny and natural ability to bring the best out of each bean, along with the meticulous attention to detail and hard work ethic that is required to do this consistently. She is certainly one of our favourite chocolate makers in the world right now and we’re excited to be able to introduce her work to New Zealand.

Feel free to read our interview with Yoon Kim.

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