Acalli Chocolate Milk & Nibs 65%

Acalli Chocolate

Acalli Chocolate Milk & Nibs 65%

acalli chocolate

This dark milk chocolate has a habit of disappearing faster than anyone expects. While it actually has less added cane sugar than a lot of dark bars, the added richness and naturally occurring sugars from the milk make it supremely eatable. If you taste a caramel-like sweetness in this bar, that’s by design. The chocolate is conched longer and hotter, leading the milk sugars to partly caramelise and adding a fantastic depth of flavour that compliments the distinctive apricot notes of the cacao beautifully.

The cacao in this bar comes from the Norandino cooperative in Chulucanas, on the northern coast of Peru. It is transformed from bean to bar by Carol Morse at Acalli Chocolate in New Orleans.


Ingredients: organic cacao, organic sugar, organic milk

Soy, gluten and nut free.


If you are sending chocolate to someone else as a gift and you would like to attach a personal message, please write this in the 'special instructions' section on the shopping cart page. Thanks.

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