Labooko Milk Chocolate "dark style" - sugar free


Labooko Milk Chocolate
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An exciting tale! A chocolate that dares not to be sweet. It is very close to the very first chocolate, since the Mayans and the Aztecs didn’t sweeten their chocolate either.

A pure cacao flavour. With 70% cacao, this milk chocolate is in the same league as high-level dark chocolates and it is completely free of sugar adornments. A lot of cacao, a lot of milk from the mountain farms of Tyrol and no sugar other than the lactose in the milk. Extremely fine cocoa butter and real vanilla melt across your palate...

This is a unique style of chocolate and a good option for people looking for sugar-free but wanting to avoid artificial sweeteners. Whilst not particularly sweet, it is surprisingly not too bitter and has a beautiful deep chocolatey taste along with an incredibly smooth texture.

65g (2 x 32.5g bar)

Ingredients: cocoa mass*, full cream milk powder*, cocoa butter*, vanilla*, salt


Soy and gluten free.


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