Labooko Peru "Criollo Cuvée" 82%


Labooko Peru
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zotter labooko chocolate peru 82%

This bar is made with a blend of traditional criollo cacao and the highly coveted white beans of Porcelana. The beans are given a deep roast and then conched for twenty hours, resulting in a silky smooth chocolate that is surprisingly light for a bar with 82% cacao content.

There's beautiful depth to this bar - look out for sweet earthy notes and a touch of roasted nuts, accompanied by a slightly astringent fruitiness.

70g (2 x 35g bar)

Ingredients: cocoa mass*, raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*.


Certified Fairtrade. Soy, gluten and dairy free.


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zotter labooko chocolate peru criollo 82%

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