Luisa Abram x Caputo's Wild Jurua 70%

Luisa Abram

Luisa Abram x Caputo's Wild Jurua 70%
  • Luisa Abram x Caputo's Wild Jurua 70%
  • Luisa Abram x Caputo's Wild Jurua 70%
  • Luisa Abram x Caputo's Wild Jurua 70%
  • Luisa Abram x Caputo's Wild Jurua 70%
  • Luisa Abram x Caputo's Wild Jurua 70%

This chocolate bar is made from extremely rare foraged cacao, hidden for centuries along the Juruá River deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Caputo's Market from Salt Lake City has collaborated with Brazilian chocolate maker Luisa Abram to create this extraordinary bar.

The Wild Jurua 70% uses a unique strain of unfarmed cacao (not found anywhere else in the world) from Brazil’s Jurua region in the upper Amazonian jungle, paid for pre-harvest by Caputo’s. The prepayment investment provides the foragers with the means necessary to harvest and process the wild cacao, build their own fermentary, and allows Luisa Abram to transform the cacao into chocolate.


This is one of the most exceptional, distinctive and memorable single origin bars we've ever tasted. Initial floral notes develop into bright tropical fruits, with underlying honey and caramel flavours. You will not believe that this bar is made with just cacao and sugar - it is so far from the traditional 'chocolate' flavour that we all grew up with. Sensational. 


The Wild Jurua 70% is sponsored by the Caputo's Preservation Program, which fights to preserve wild cacao and its biodiversity, and to stop heirloom fruit from disappearing.


Made from bean to bar in São Paulo, Brazil. Be sure to have a read of our interview with Luisa Abram.

Learn more about why this bar costs $20.



luisa abram caputo's wild jurua


Cacao beans, organic cane sugarcocoa butter

Soy, gluten and dairy free

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