Sirene Pure Cacao 100%


Sirene Pure Cacao 100%
  • $14.00

Sirene bean to bar chocolate

Not for the faint of heart or the chocolate tourist, this is the pure bean in bar form. And nothing else. No sugar. No flavouring. Nothing to interfere with the rich flavours inherent in the beans themselves. Cross this line and you may just find yourself in chocolate nirvana.

This package contains two bars - one made with beans from the Costa Esmeraldas Plantation in Ecuador and one made with beans from the Kokoa Kamili Co-op in Tanzania.

Sirene carefully select farms growing exceptional cacao beans for their craft chocolate factory in Victoria, Canada, where they are sorted, roasted, winnowed, ground, aged and molded by hand.


Ingredients: cacao beans.

Soy, dairy, gluten and sugar free.

Single plantation cacao.


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