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The Chocolate Bar is an importer and distributor of artisan chocolate, with a particular focus on the bean-to-bar movement. You'll notice that our shop's menu is not just divided by brand but also by the cacao bean location. This is because we think it's very important to be aware of where your food is coming from, both in terms of flavour and the routes of trade. We hope you enjoy exploring what our little store has to offer – the collection is always growing so do pop back occasionally to see what's new. There's a whole world of bean-to-bar chocolate for us all to explore!

From the blog

  • Recipe: Choc-Banana Nut Job

    If I’m cooking a big meal, I like my desserts to be quick and easy but still capable of blowing minds. This recipe definitely covers all those bases.

    You’ll need the following (serves 2)...

    1 small cup of almond milk

    1 block of Taza Chocolate Mexicano Salted Almond

    1 decent sized banana, mashed

    1 1/2 tbsp of Fix and Fogg Super Crunchy peanut butter

    2 scoops of Little Island Banana Bean ice cream

    Chopped and toasted almonds to finish

    This recipe is so easy that it barely needs instructions. Simply heat the milk on the stove top on a medium heat until it begins to steam, then add in the chocolate and stir until it is completely dissolved. Next, add in your mashed banana and peanut butter and stir vigorously until the peanut butter is fully mixed in. Then, all you need to do is pour the mixture into a cup and plop a dollop of the ice cream on top. Sprinkle with your chopped almonds and you’re done - mind blowing dessert in less then ten minutes!


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