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The Most Neglected Bars

The Most Neglected Bars
bean to bar chocolate


Here at The Chocolate Bar we’re lucky that almost all of the products we stock are popular. But there’s a few bars that always get left behind, and they happen to be some of our favourites (yes, yes we do have a lot of favourites). We feel really bad for these bars - it’s no fun being left on the bench.

Anyway, we thought we’d highlight the top three most criminally neglected bars in our collection...


1. Marou - Dak Lak 

A wild beast of a bar! Like all of Marou’s chocolate, it’s incredibly complex; a forest of flavours to get lost in. Maybe even a bit scared. Spicy and earth tones whirl around like a dark tornado, catching your palette with the occasional left hook. As beautiful and mysterious as the Ea Kar highlands where the cacao is grown.


2. Sirene - Cayenne

A rule breaker, no doubt. This could not be further from your average chilli chocolate. Made with organic Madagascan cacao from the legendary Akesson Estate, this bar always catches people off guard. Incredible citrus and raspberry flavours leap forward from the beans, accentuated by warm crystals of sea salt. Then coming from behind, slowly building, the cayenne pepper starts to work its magic, warming the throat before setting like the sun.


3. Dick Taylor - Guatemala Lanquin

We haven’t tried many bars made with Guatemalan beans yet but it seems to be one of our favourite origins. This bar is a deep thinker, prone to spending time alone. With sublime dark notes of blackberry and espresso, it is sure to please devourers of red wine and coffee. Hemingway would have eaten this chocolate.

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